DIY SOS - The Big Build - in Lukomera

Elspeth Dugdale | July 4, 2019

DIY SOS - The Big Build -  in Lukomera
The newly refurbished St Stephen's Church in Lukomera

Our Dutch colleagues, Johannes and Gé at WTA, are having a busy summer - during the Ugandan very late, rainy season! Their home is the Frisian town of Bolsward in the Netherlands. Before their return, their home church  'Gasthuiskerk Bolsward' offered to support a major renovation of the local church, St Stephens, where Charles and Annet are members.


The work was recently finished - the church now has a new roof, new windows and a complete painting makeover - it looks so different. To celebrate this great achievement, there was a service of dedication which also included a wedding, 50 confirmations and a lunch for more than 600 people. The whole village was involved in the planning, preparations and decorations. Both Christian and Muslim communities came together with all community leaders to celebrate, worship and give thanks. 


A wedding in the middle of the church rededication


...followed by 50 confirmations including members of Charles' family

The service was held by the Bishop of Luwero. (Interesting fact: Bishop Eridad previously attended the same theological college as Project Guardian Stan Rothwell!) It was a particularly long service, lasting from 10 am - 4 pm in the afternoon! A very significant community event and so valuable for the church's role in Lukomera.


Thank you gift for Gasthuiskerk, Bolsward


Souvenir Brochure of the Celebration Day