Computer project for The Bridge

Jerry Dugdale | August 3, 2014

Computer project for The Bridge
Current computer lab set up at WTA

Great news. Dutch charity, HE Space Childrens Foundation (HESCF), has partnered with ServeDirect to provide 6 computer workstations within The Bridge. This is a pilot project to see how feasible it is to provide access to computers to the local primary school students & teachers as part of the 'package' on offer to them. Currently none of the 8 local primary schools using The Bridge have any computers or provide any computer access , so this is an exciting step forward for all concerned.

bridge_comp_1.jpg HESCF_logo.png

Things are moving fast. It was only in 2011 that the first 6 computers were installed at Wobulenzi Town Academy. This was increased to 24 workstations in 2013, again in partnership with HESCF. The lead picture shows the current set up at WTA - The Bridge will have a bank of 6 screens similar to those pictured. The project also includes funding for an additional teacher and dedicated furniture to ensure the most is made of the computers and that they are kept as safe as possible from the thousands of inquisitive fingers... Installation should take place later this month.

bridge_quiz_1.JPG bridge_quiz_2.JPG

The Bridge runs quizzes each month between the schools it helps - these have proved to be extremely popular and very competitive! The great 'spin off' is that it has been noticed that the primary students have started to research in preparation for these quizzes - stimulating independent learning and reading. I stood in the most recent quiz (pictured above) for the Maths section which was surprisingly difficult - I think it is back to the library for me too!