A Communications Conundrum...

Elspeth Dugdale | September 30, 2018

A Communications Conundrum...
Any preference?

So, here's a question, but first, a little background to the situation .... Since 2010, when the SD website first came into existence, we have written monthly blogs and articles (as you can see!), which are also shared onto Facebook.


Assuming you are reading this as a monthly email, then you are possibly not best placed to help with the following questions! However, if you are also a Facebook user, here are a few questions and we would love to hear your comments - either by email*, via FB, answers on a postcard etc etc

  • How easy it is to see the FB posts?
  • Are you able to see the posts regularly or do you have to deliberately go to the SD page?

Over the last year, there has been far less interaction and 'reach' with the SD Facebook posts, unless someone 'interracts' deliberately with the page. Once there is little or no interraction with the page, then it appears that the posts stop appearing in the Newsfeed. Of course, we will message those who are only connected on FB, but that will take a little more time.

There is a little SD action on Twitter, and there has even been a debate about using Instagram, but we generally find that direct contact via email, via the website and direct FB messaging to be the most effective and the most productive way to communicate. But we are open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts and comments. 

The monthly email goes out to all those who have requested it, and we are more than happy to receive emails either directly or via the 'info@servedirect.org' address on the website - grateful thanks to Phil Le Cheminant for this current version.  The SD Facebook page has been 'liked' by about 840 people mostly in the UK and Uganda and it is still a very useful way to interract with people on a more informal basis.                                  *email: elspeth@servedirect.org