Christmas Stories and THE Paperchain

Elspeth Dugdale | December 21, 2019

Christmas Stories and THE Paperchain

At Christmas time, it is so good to celebrate, Christmas trees are our traditional festive decoration... and book lovers love to give and receive books. With those three connected ideas in mind, we bring you a Happy Celebratory Christmas article on a few of our favourite things....



But firstly, a celebration with a difference...! In the run up to Christmas week, Mr and Mrs Opio - Charles and Annett added in another wonderful reason to celebrate. Over 1000 people attended the church wedding ceremony and reception at Charles' birthplace, north of Lira in northern Uganda. The church ceremony was the completion of their first wedding ceremony many years ago, and was a beautifully organised, amazing and very moving occasion, which lasted the whole day. Guests came from near (all over the community) and far - from Kampala, from western Uganda, not forgetting two busloads from WTA and Lukomera village. More photos to follow in the New Year - here are a few to give a flavour of the day

IMG_E2639_-_Copy.JPG IMG_2674_-_Copy.JPG IMG_E2698.JPG


At Christmas, giving and receiving gifts can sadly become an overwhelming prospect, especially in our current climate and culture. ServeDirect has two area of 'alternative presents' to focus on, not only this Christmas but also throughout 2020 - TREES and BOOKS, both extremes of 'the paperchain', so to speak. 

TREES to help our planet and BOOKS for education - not just for Christmas of course! Can you imagine life without either of them? Sometimes the most creative gift giving happens at the last minute - so be inspired and this is how to do it.......

TREES: To buy 'Trees at Christmas'  in Uganda the costs are very simple:  £10 will buy 5 trees.... £100 buys 50 trees and so on... If you would like to help, click on the Donate button on the homepage or the Facebook page. Choose the amount to donate and add TREES in the message. This will help WTA grow enough trees in the future to become self sustaining in their use, also it will provide more trees within the community and create opportunities for teaching about deforestation and climate change in Uganda.

tree_3.jpg tree_2.jpg

BOOKS: It goes without saying that WTA as a secondary school and both Connect Education Centres thrive on and need books, a vital resource. If you are a bookgiver, £10 buys 1-2 secondary text books, or a set of 5 primary readers. Similarly, please click on the Donate button on the homepage or the Facebook page. Choose the amount to donate and add BOOKS in the message. With the Connect Centres, we continue to partner with the wonderful READ for Life, so sets of books will be key to develop literacy levels and the mobile library project. 

books_2.JPG books_1.JPG

GO CRAZY: £250 supports a teacher trainer for a term, thereby affecting literally hundreds and thousands of children in the future. Now that really does make a difference to many more children than just supporting one child for several years. Again, we will talk more about this is 2020. Add TEACHER in your message when donating


Back to Charles and Annett: without them, ServeDirect would probably not exist - certainly not in its present form. There were many references in the wedding speeches to their inspiring and committed leadership, and how they focus on the needs of others, their love for people around them and those struggling in life. They are the driving force behind all the ServeDirect projects both in Lukomera and Gulu and everyone at ServeDirect is so grateful to them. Both from this side and that side, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas, with peace and hope for 2020.