Chatting, Signing and Differently Abled

Elspeth Dugdale | July 1, 2018

Chatting, Signing and Differently Abled
Teddy, Sylvia and Tracy in the dormitory - new paint, new beds, new curtains

One legacy left by Johannes and Gé, that we have been privileged to witness, has been the improvement and refurbishment of the facilities for the deaf and disabled pupils at Lukomera St Stephens.





Actually, perhaps 'Differently Abled' (seen on a train carriage in India!) is a better description than 'dis-abled', which somehow sounds 'lessening' insted of suggesting there is 'more to offer'.


Thanks to some generous gifts from some Dutch and UK friends, the classroom has been repainted and now has some smart, new furniture and fittings, including a new teacher's table, new desks and tables, new door locks and picture rails.


Sue testing out the height of the table... perhaps a little high at the moment! 

Pairo Teddy, (whose traumatic story we featured in April) is still very settled and safe at school,continuing to make good progress in her final year of primary school. Not only is she studying hard in lessons, but also has extra lessons with deaf friends at the Connect Centre on a Saturday - thanks to Deborah and team,who have been busy improving their own signing skills.The children are also permitted to run down to the centre for extra reading, if there is time during the week.. as seen below.




Self study at Connect, Teddy in her smart new uniform, Madam Sarah in charge..

And last but not least, there was also funding left for new toilet doors for the primary school latrines. They they were previously even more public (ie broken or absent) than one might normally expect or wish, so now some privacy in pink is very welcome! In the longterm, there is always a challenge for ServeDirect to not to appear to 'prefer' one feeder school more than another, but as St Stephen's is the only school with specific provision for children with special needs in the whole community, we consider this area of support to be particularly necessary and relevant.