'Can Do People': How to Be More Like Beatrice

Elspeth Dugdale | June 9, 2021

'Can Do People': How to Be More Like Beatrice
Home schooling on another level

The downside is : Due to the sudden lockdown, the return to school for the youngest children (P1, P2 & P3) has been delayed again. Most infants and nursery children will have had zero learning for 15 months, therefore some children will never have started school at the right time.


Instead of feeling floored by the latest announcement of yet another lockdown for Uganda, READ for Life have come up with yet another clever plan. Jody writes:

 "Unfortunately, we are back to a partial lockdown with all students home for 42 days

But on a brighter side, READ for Life and our partner Connect Education Centre staff are planning to do village/neighbourhood teaching to help learners within their area. Here is Teacher Beatrice preparing some slates to take home to her learners.”


                                                           Beatrice prepares a box of small slates as part of her mobile kit

There is an interesting background story to Jody's post. In recent months, as schools remained closed to infant & lower primary children, Jody and Dan themselves started to provide lessons in their own home to include the neighbours’ children and their own son. Working in small, informal groups, they have had considerable success developing literacy and numeracy with them, literally bringing the learning into action and seeing vibrant storywriting springing to life. In this new lockdown, READ for Life and Connect staff plan to repeat this simple, effective format with their own neighbours. This is so encouraging – despite everything else that has had to come to a sudden standstill.

We very much celebrate their ‘can do’ attitude.. when so many other things ‘can’t' take place - just now.