Calling all laptops...

Jerry Dugdale | April 15, 2018

Calling all laptops...
A donated laptop being put to good use

The call used to be 'any old iron' - now it is 'any unused or old laptop!' Technology is catching up fast in Uganda - with a huge demand and hunger to learn from young and old alike. We have good fixed computer labs at WTA and the Connect Education Centres, but there is a real lack of affordable laptops for the teachers to use and learn on.


This term the teachers have been learning how to incorporate computer based technology into their lessons which is a great step forward - but without the available tools this is hard to take forward in a meaningful way.


We have been fortunate to have received a number of secondhand and refurbished laptops in the past - but we could do with a lot more! One of the major concerns always is with making sure the laptops are 'wiped clean' correctly. Fortunately we have an excellent solution to this by working with charity IT Schools Africa. They specialise in doing what their name suggests! Click here for more details of their excellent work. They have helped us by supplying some laptops in the past but currently have a real shortage of laptops.....

So, please dust off your old laptops - ask at work especially if they are upgrading the systems - and please send them our way! We will have them wiped clean and reloaded with up to date software, ready for the teachers to use. It will make a real difference. Email us at for more information or if you have a laptop or 2 (or 3 etc). Thanks!