Call the Midwife.... or Nurse

Elspeth Dugdale | July 4, 2019

Call the Midwife.... or Nurse
'Soon to be' student nurse Joan - with a very smart, new watch

Rewind back to 2016, when a good friend of ours, (also an SD team member), proposed the idea to offer a full nursing scholarship to a WTA girl who passed well enough in all three Science subjects to gain admission to one of the best nurse training schools in Uganda. Quite a challenge in itself. Since then we have been waiting for and looking out for the right student....


Fast forward to 2019 and there is now a suitable candidate. Meet Joan, who passed all three Science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology very well. in fact, she passed every subject and was the top performing girl in her year. She also passed the admission test and interview for Kiwoko School of Nursing and Midwifery - and starts in July.  This is a very prestigious place to study - and is located just the other side of Luwero, so not very far from WTA.


 Proud dad, Lawrence, with Joan at WTA to discuss the bursary


Joan comes from Butanza, the next village to Lukomera. Having attended a local primary school, she was one of the first to attend the Connect Centre (as The Bridge) and even danced with her class at the opening ceremony. After finishing S4, although she was unaware of the bursary, she had already decided that she wanted to become a nurse - but the lack of finances was holding her back from taking the next step. Being supported with the studies, textbooks and uniform costs will literally make a world of difference.


This is the first time that Serve Direct has been the 'conduit' for such a bursary, which will last for the full two years of the course and will be followed by a work placement at The Rock. Wishing Joan every success with this opportunity to study nursing at Kiwoko.