A building diary

Jerry Dugdale | April 30, 2016

A building diary
View of the new senior block

ServeDirect first became involved with WTA in 2006. 5 years later WTA moved to the new facilities in Lukomera. Another 5 years have passed, and the school is moving up another gear. WTA has a rapidly improving reputation and is completely full. WTA has budgeted to be fully self financing this year - enabling us to invest in more classroom space, giving a better teacher:pupil ratio.

This is part of the comprehensive program to improve the academic performance. 6 new classrooms (including a new A Level block), new staff room, 2 staff houses and a new boys latrine/washroom block were drawn up and building started. Many have asked previously about how we build in Uganda - so here is a quick pictorial diary for the 2 classroom/staff room extension......

25th February - Digging the foundations. The red ground (locally known as murram) makes for perfect foundations.


1st March - Brickwork going up (bricks are all made within 1 mile of the site).


11th March  - Brickwork finished and ringbeam (strengthening beam at the top) cast, ready for the roofing timber.


19th March - Roof timber almost complete.


23rd March - Galvanised roofing sheets are nailed into place.


9th April - Internal plastering of the classrooms with all window frames in place.


19th April - Plastering finished inside and out - ready for painting when dry. All built in just 2 months.


And just in case you think that was slow - this new 4 classroom block and offices for A Level was done at the same time. Relatively little money can go an awfully long way.


And for those who know the site - here is a pic showing the position of the new classroom blocks - spot the graph paper!