Bridge Building and Breaking Down Barriers. Gurus and Great News.

Elspeth Dugdale | February 28, 2016

Bridge Building and Breaking Down Barriers. Gurus and Great News.
Judith discussing resources with the Bridge Team

Our very good friend and primary teaching guru, Judith Kirkland, made a detour to Uganda after her own school trip to Rwanda. This coincided nicely with the very first week of term at WTA. Who better to enthuse and inspire the teachers at The Bridge as they start the new school year? 

We also coerced Judith into sharing some of her teaching wisdom with the whole WTA staff as well - she spoke about teamwork being not about 'I' and 'me', but 'we' and 'us' - not always easy to follow through in the teaching culture here.

Teaching at The Bridge is very much focussed on child centred learning via an interactive and positive teaching style. These alone mean The Bridge  is hugely different to most primary schools in Uganda. Judith spent several sessions with the teachers showing them how to make the best use out of some new resources. Sadly there weren't any school classes running this week for her to teach, but that is a good excuse to persuade her to return! Who needs Joyce Grenfell, when we have Judith Kirkland?


Judith and The Bridge team

In other exciting Bridge news, ServeDirect has received official permission to build in two new locations in the area - one is just north of Luwero at the wonderfully named Butuntumula - an area well known and well recommended by Charles and Deborah. The other is closer at Lutembe, about 20 minutes drive 'within' from Lukomera. For the Lutembe site (which is an Islamic based  primary school), permission was needed from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. Education builds bridges and breaks down barriers in so many different ways.

Both sites are located within walking distance of a considerable number of primary schools - one of the key requirements of a Bridge location.  Now that term has finally started, we hope to be able to go and have another look at both sites and discuss the next steps. At last we will have two new homes for the ever increasing amount of books and resources in the store on site. 

A third site in Gulu remains a strong possibility also, although we are yet to visit and meet with the proper authorities - once again, due to the delay in the start of term. But we plan to get up there later this month - elections, sudden public holidays permitting, not to mention impending school timetables and building deadlines .....