Booklists & Wishlists

Elspeth Dugdale | December 7, 2021

Booklists & Wishlists
Reading together at Connect Gulu

Books, books, books; quite ‘literally' (pun definitely intended), books are the lifeblood & top resource of any school. We often fundraise for books & educational resources; this year is no exception. If you are looking for an ‘alternative gift’ this Christmas for a booklover or if you are a book fan yourself, look no further ...


ServeDirect would LOVE to buy books in Uganda on your behalf for WTA and the Connect Education Centres. Please donate via the website – there’s a green Donate button on the homepage.

Why Now? As schools are still due to reopen in January, we are definitely fundraising for books again. More than ever, they will still be an essential resource because:

  • Students and teachers are desperate to catch up on the missing 2 years of education.
  • Research is now a key component of the new Ugandan curriculum, but honestly, it is a skill that students need to develop and understand more fully.
  • Books are crucial both for students’ personal study and for teachers’ research/planning.

What’s needed? All types of books: Science and Humanities textbooks, African Literature books, new set texts, teenage fiction, biographies, reference books, dictionaries, primary readers, storybooks and picture books of course!

Why buy books in Uganda? Ugandan published texts are more relevant for the Ugandan curriculum. Books are also ridiculously heavy and impractical to carry out there – although we (& all our visitor ‘book-mules’) have done it over the years. Apart from a few exceptions**, it is far more logical and more sustainable to buy them there, plus it supports local businesses - also important.

And last but not least, books are THE tool for literacy development, which, in itself, is one of the main lifelines out of poverty for so many marginalised students. Although we often take our own literacy for granted, let's not forget what a gift & privilege it is.

 **The exceptions are books that are much cheaper in the UK, more specialised or just impossible to buy in Uganda. Perhaps, we should also add that it leaves us with more baggage space to take the ‘real’ essentials like cheese and chocolate …. but that's another story......