The Big Plan

Elspeth Dugdale | March 8, 2021

The Big Plan

It's been a while, but we have been thinking. Since December, together with Charles & team, plus ServeDirect friends 'on this side', we have been considering how we can best support WTA and help the school move forward as schools slowly start to re-open in these extremely difficult days. We have a plan.


Exactly this time last year, the world headlines were starting to really catch our attention, realising that our time in Uganda was about to be cut short. It is also exactly a year since schools in Uganda closed their doors. This marked a huge full stop in the country's education - and in many other countries around the world.

Instead of WTA being full of lesson noise, lunch queues and student chat, only two exam classes were allowed back mid October. And after barely a further 6 weeks of lessons in January to February, they have now been catapulted into the exam season. Unlike students in many other countries, they have not had access to online learning or continuous assessment - so they can only hope that their exam board will be kind.

A recent UNICEF report highlighted the 168 million children currently absent from school, appealing to world leaders to spare no effort in reopening schools. Other reports and articles cite the huge economic cost with the loss of education, referring to a lost generation. Some countries could lose about 20 years of progress due to the pandemic. Covid-19 threatens to "cause irreversible harm to children’s education, nutrition and well-being". Furthermore millions of girls are likely to drop out, never to return to the classroom.

''Low-cost', 'affordable','good quality', 'for those who would not normally access secondary education' and 'disadvantaged children' - these are phrases often used to describe WTA and what it stands for.

To enable the school to get back on track and welcome those that need the most help, we have a proposal to support WTA, so that it can return back to its self sufficient status.

Watch this space......