Back to School....

Elspeth Dugdale | August 31, 2014

Back to School....
WTA Staff During on a recent Teacher Training Day

The new WTA term starts today (Monday, September 1st). It is the third and final term of the school year, during which public exams are taken, so the main focus for the 'candidate classes' of S4 and S6 will be plenty revision lessons, practice papers and then the run-up to the exams themselves.

There is a tendency (for students and teaching staff!) to cram in as many extra lessons and revision sessions as possible. Students themselves start to get up even earlier than usual in order to revise. Unbelievably it is quite common for some students to get up at 4am to fit in a couple of extra hours' revision before breakfast and morning lessons. So when students talk about getting up even earlier in the run-up to exams, it is hard to work out when they are going to get enough sleep!

So, there will be some new teachers, new site changes and even some new students. Change is good!

 "Progress is impossible without  change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change  anything." (G.B.Shaw)

"Change brings opportunity" Nido Qubein

WTA Senior Management Team 

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