Arrivals, Departures and Changes...

Elspeth Dugdale | June 2, 2019

Arrivals, Departures and Changes...
Busy Visitors walking round Lukomera

This summer sees a few changes at ServeDirect. Johannes and Gé Holwerda are back from Holland, Melissa is back to the US for a while, Jerry and Elspeth are (mostly!) back in the UK....





Johannes and Gé are back at WTA for the summer months to act as SD Project Guardians until August. As soon as they arrived back, (with bags full of gorgeous Dutch cheese, and new seeds for the garden), they were back up on site, meeting and greeting old friends from last year. During the first few weeks, they hosted their first group of guests, with more visitors expected from Holland during their stay. The most recent group of friends is from their church in Bolsward, which has been helping to support St Stephens, the local church in Lukomera.


Melissa, is taking a well-earned break as the SD Project Guardian in Gulu and will be back in the US for a while, catching up with friends and family. In addition to camping, hiking and travelling round the States, she will also take the opportunity to gain further experience in primary education.



In Melissa's absence, Lukwiya Samuel, the Connect Schools' Coordinator in Gulu, will oversee the work and continue to lead the team - we wish him every success in his new role. Joining the Connect team, are new English teacher, Simon, and ex-WTA student, Tadeo, working as the new Library Assistant.