This is Annet......

Elspeth Dugdale | August 4, 2019

This is Annet......
Annet with Jess & Grace handing over the donation from 'The Clever Cactus' in the UK

This is Annet. Also called Madam Annet and even Mrs Opio. Annet is married to Charles and manages The Rock Health Centre, on site at WTA. She is also very active in the local community in health matters and is an LCIII (Local Councillor).




Annet’s family come from the Lukomera area, and so she still has many relatives living in the locality. She also works unofficially as a school counsellor and mentor to many of the girls at WTA. As part of this role, she is very interested in finding workable, affordable solutions to help all the girls manage adolescent issues such as menstruation and the risks of early pregnancy/early marriage during their school years.

One partial solution within Uganda has been to work with Days for Girls, a local NGO that provides packs of reusable pads – which are also easy to sew. Through specific donations, these can be offered to the girls at a vastly subsidised price.  This is potentially an ideal solution for boarding and day students. Since the ‘period problem’ was highlighted at WTA in 2015 (through a chance conversation between Annet with the Chase Team), it has also become a key issue in the UK both for economic and environmental reasons.


Another partial solution came recently and unexpectedly from the UK. A small, local company ‘The Clever Cactus’ kindly donated a large quantity of handmade, reusable pads: perfect emergency supplies for WTA day students. Steph from Clever Cactus also supplies Lemon & Jinja, (our local zero waste store, rather closely connected to us) who, in turn, also support ServeDirect. Annet and her team were very happy to receive the bag of pads and will put them to very good use. Great connections and hopefully great, longlasting solutions.