Alternative Gifts during Advent

Elspeth Dugdale | December 7, 2021

Alternative Gifts during Advent

Since the beginning of December, ServeDirect has been running ‘Advent Alternative Gift Ideas’. You may well have seen some of the ideas on Facebook or Instagram, with some familiar faces making fools of themselves to share some creative ideas and suggestions. If you live safely removed from social media, here is a summary of what's going on...


There's certainly an increasing frustration with, and resistance to endlessly buying ‘stuff’ for friends & relatives who don’t really need it or appreciate it. Not only that, an ‘alternative gift’ is more meaningful, creative and has more resonance. Even better, there are still more videos to come from Michele, from Deborah and a surprise performance from Team Gulu as well - so do tune in to either the ServeDirect Facebook page or Instagram to keep up to date (or to watch the ones so far). 

IMG_3819.PNGSome suggestions for donations so far are for: sports equipment, textbooks, storybooks, new mum & baby kits, stationery, school uniform, puzzles, tree seedlings, computers & more. All donations go to support resources for the  Servedirect projects in Uganda at WTA, The Rock and both Connect Education Centres.


Don't forget that you can also pay for a student’s school fees for a month, a term or a year. That IS a real gift that ‘keeps on giving’…  (see the accompanying news articles)

For all donations, please go to the green button on the ServeDirect homepage:  For those of you who are new to ServeDirect, you may be interested to know that as a small, independent charity we rely completely on donations & gifts from many individuals & friends. We use 100% of donations towards the SD partner projects: we have none of the usual, big-charity overheads such as salaries, offices & travel costs. We do buy just the occasional stamp for a thankyou card – which is just polite and friendly. So please invite anyone to get involved & choose a really worthwhile gift, and we do love to say thank you as well!

Have a meaningful gift-giving Christmas!