All Quiet on the WTA front..... or is it?

Elspeth Dugdale | September 3, 2017

All Quiet on the WTA front..... or is it?
All quiet....... except for..

Term Two has ended and the students have all gone home. All is quiet.... except for small group of determined and focussed day students, who are coming every day for the S4 holiday programme.





The holiday programme is being led, for the second time this year, by the assistant teachers - all ex-pupils from last year - who are working at WTA for a 'gap' type year to earn money to hopefully get them onto the next step of university.  Those attending come every day and work for about 5 hours together - it is a great opportunity and those that attend talk very enthusiastically about the benefits.



In the photo above, keen historian Engola Arnold is leading a revision lesson on the 'Luo' migration for the S4 History paper. Clearly both teacher and students are having a good time!

Sadly, the parents of the boarding students did not have enough spare funds to pay the 60,000 shillings (about £15) needed to pay for each student to stay at school - this covers food and teaching costs. So most of the students miss out on the revision programme - which is really disappointing. By next year, will the parents' financial situation have changed?  Possibly not. Plan B will be to sit with Charles and discuss another way of making it happen.  Any suggestions.....?