2015 in 12 - Looking Back...

Elspeth Dugdale | January 4, 2016

2015 in 12 - Looking Back...
January - WTA teachers gather together for staff training at the start of the academic year

Looking back over the photos of just 2015, there are literally hundreds of great images, in fact there are thousands if you include all the photos taken by the various team members over the year!  It has been a challenge to choose just twelve images to summarise the year ... one for each month - so here goes... 




February - the beginning of the 5th new academic year on this site. Can we even call it the new site any more?! Nick Allen (our Chairman of Trustees) came out to WTA to visit and see all the recent developments.



March brought the long awaited O' level and A' level results and an awards ceremony. There is a gradual improvement overall in students' grades - these are some of those who achieved high overall grades in their subjects, in particular Nalujja Juliet who gained some of the highest marks in the district in her A' level grades.



 April - Stan and Sue introduced Library lessons and specific revision lessons - with great success. By raising literacy levels and teaching exam and revision techniques, students are starting to feel more confident about approaching the exam papers and organising their own learning. 



May - Serve Direct has welcomed many volunteers and friends over the year to stay with Sue and Stan at Mirembe House  the volunteer house on site. Some have helped with teacher training and some have helped with student primary and secondary classes. Here, Chella from the Netherlands and Rebecca from the UK brought great laughter and enjoyment in the active retelling of The Hungry Caterpillar.



 June brought great sadness. Mr Ndewa Linus - the wonderful Maths teacher at The Bridge died suddenly, leaving a great gap of kindness and wise guidance and teaching. He was well liked by colleagues and young pupils alike.


July - our friend and colleague from Gulu, Jody Unterrrheiner came to deliver a three day programme of specific Phonics Training to all the teachers whose pupils use The Bridge. It was an excellent time and made a real impact on the teaching community. Ongoing training happened in September and we look forward to our continuing connections with the Gulu team in 2016.



 August - WTA was wowed by a visit from Christchurch, London. They led an energetic end of term programme for the whole school with some teaching, preaching, sport and creative activities!



 September - this is one of the most 'Liked' photos - in Facebook terms. The handover of the Village Ambulance to Charles from Pulse Uganda and a gift from New Life Church. A wonderful, innovative mode of transport which enables patients /mothers in labour to be moved quickly in an emergency to a local hospital from The Rock. Specifically designed for rural 'murram' roads, it has been in regular use, since its arrival.



October - a significant month for The Bridge and for WTA. The new Maths/Science teacher at The Bridge is Mr Jackson Denis, a qualified Primary Teacher who is an 'OB' - old boy - of the school. He was at school on the old site at Katikamu and is well remembered by the first team to visit in 2008!  The hope is that many more students will also qualify as secondary teachers and choose to return to WTA in the future.



November - the completion of a new Sunday School building at Maranatha Church. There is great friendship and contact with Pastor Moses and his church community here. The Sunday School will operate throughout the week also providing educational support to local children after school - an alternative model of The Bridge but run by the church members. Thanks again to New Life Church for the generous donation.



 December - 2015 concluded with another team visit. The White Rose Team brought another programme of lesson support, creativity, fun learning and energetic group sessions for the students at the end of the school year. Once again, many of the 'golden moments' happen in the informal one-to-one conversations between individual team members and students. Priceless opportunities.



And in 2016? Stan and Sue are back in the UK for an extended break but plan to be back in Uganda for the second term. Jerry and Elspeth will be in Uganda for the first term, looking at further possibilities for The Bridge. Phil and Michele are also on the move but moving trans-county from Hampshire to Somerset - so ServeDirect will have an office in the south-west! Happy New Year and Greetings and Thanks from us all for all the support and contact over the year. Looking forward to continuing into 2016!