10Up...... get up and get going!

Jerry Dugdale | August 6, 2017

10Up...... get up and get going!
"Completely Content" ........ a 10Up quotation

We would not wish to be accused of lazy article writing.... so, instead of writing this all by ourselves, we have invited the 10Up team to send over some first impressions and thoughts, after their first few days at WTA..........And of course, pictures speak louder than words as well... 





Some highlights......"definitely the Deaf unit children coming to the bridge for lessons. Visiting 4 primary schools were was incredibly moving and inspiring emotions all mixed together. Seeing how little they have yet the dedication is incredible"


 "Doing craft , working in team , eating , laughing ... all so special"


"I had such fun in the Bridge retelling Snow White ( edited to remove the witchcraft... Eg Poisoned Apple and witch replaced with step mothers pet crocodile ) all kids in costumes ( 7 dwarfs in wacky glasses!) and miming the story! "


And when all the organised activities of the day have been completed, some of the best times happen in the quiet and unexpected moments...