Volunteer story: Peter MacGowan - Chase Team 2016

July 2016

Peter MacGowan - Chase Team 2016

My recent trip to visit WTA was the most amazing and inspiring thing I think I have ever done and was a life changing experience. To have the privilege to work alongside ServeDirect and WTA is something I will never forget and to work with the students was just a wonderful experience.

They are the most wonderful, resilient and inspiring people. To be able to spend time with them, to talk and share with them was truly inspirational. The students desire to learn and improve their futures and to listen to their hopes and dreams was just fantastic to share. I got involved in drama, teaching business to the students, helping with some PA lessons and helped paint the most wonderful alphabet mural. So, for those that know me, very much out of my comfort zone!

Visiting Uganda and seeing it first hand, just makes you realise how very fortunate we are in the UK and certainly makes you appreciate what we have. If you ever get the chance to go, I would highly recommend it as just going is such a blessing . I certainly hope to visit again one day.