Yorkshire Friends Team have an awesome effect

Elspeth Dugdale | December 3, 2017

Yorkshire Friends Team have an awesome effect
From Yorkshire (& Gloucestershire, Herts + Notts) with Awesomeness!

Team 'Yorkshire Friends' blazed a trail up the great north road to Gulu earlier in November. They made a short stopover at WTA on the way up and down, but spent the rest of the time working at the new Connect Centre, helping with anything and everything that needed doing.



It is really hard to summarise in a short space the great impact that they made in such a short time. Huge thanks to Simon Bramwell, Simon Ball, Jim Cockburn, Fliss Blunt, Val Bunker, Jenny Shepherd, Adam Smith, Fiona Robertson and Amanda Porter. Although they only all met together for the first time on arrival in Uganda, they quickly became a real dynamic and energetic force together: digging, designing, planning, cataloguing, carrying, unpacking, wheelbarrowing, cement mixing, shovelling, edging, weeding, landscaping, planting, path-laying, story-reading, bracelet-making, basketball-playing, visiting schools, boda-riding, singing, dancing, drawing, colouring, cutting, sticking - not to mention playing cards and celebrating! They were a great example of individuals coming together, joining forces and working together - and making a real difference. And their contribution enabled us to make real progress in getting the centre ready for opening early 2018.

P1050405.JPGAmanda and Fliss

IMG_6954.JPGFliss and Val with Mercy

 P1050408.JPGFiona and Simon


P1050466.JPGAdam and Fiona

P1050427.JPGAmanda and Jenny


P1050456.JPGVal and Fliss

P1050459.JPGJenny and Jim

P1050401.JPGAdam and Simon