WTA students express concern for the UK in these troubled times

Elspeth Dugdale | July 2, 2016

WTA students express concern for the UK in these troubled times
WTA "doing church"... and praying for unity in the UK

Over the last 6 years, we have often shared concern and even got caught up in events surrounding the last two elections - which have led to some instability and troubled times in Uganda. However here are Sue and Stan now reporting on recent UK events from a Ugandan perspective:

"And now we are going to break that rule about never talking about politics or religion – and talk about them both...

Our only source of information about the referendum has been BBC World Service on the radio, and it seems from the reports that they think most over 60's voted to leave along with most of the country outside London and the affluent south because they wanted to 'keep the foreigners out' and that became the main focus for leaving. If that is true, that is very sad. 

We mention it as very welcomed and loved 'aliens in a foreign land' who this week have had to answer questions from the students who have been following the news with great interest. The question that has been asked again and again is, '' why are the British people judging which man is better than another when we are all God's children and should love everyone'', and we are struggling for an answer. Have to say feeling a little ashamed of the country we love this week. 

However, what we are also reminding ourselves is of the greatest commandment, so when we come back to the UK we will be trying to show love to everyone regardless of their political persuasion. What is done is done – now we must pull together. 

We usually ask friends to pray for people and situations here, but this time the students have asked us to pass on the fact that they will be praying for the people of the UK that they can learn to love one another and live in harmony. We are often humbled by what they say, and sadly, this is one of those times"