WTA Making Headlines

Elspeth Dugdale | March 1, 2015

WTA Making Headlines
Happy and Relieved - two of WTA's Division One students this year

Although it is true to say that "exam results aren't everything", at times they really do help. Obviously for the successful individuals they're a brilliant achievement, not to mention a clear step up to the next level. But for the school behind such students, they're an important marker post and also vital - in a grade and assessment obsessed country - for raising the profile of the school and making a mark in the educational community.

S4 results came out early February and once again, there were some high performing WTA students with overall Division 1 grades - holds similar resonance to a clutch of A*s at GCSE. Most notably this year, several also scored highly in Science subjects - which is a real sign of progress. Grades were 'higher' overall than last year's WTA 'high' grades. More students scored Division 2s and all other marks were a reasonably healthy number of Division 3s & 4s. Every student scored an overall pass (all 9 subjects), which gives access either to A levels or to other training/vocational centres. There is still a long way to go - especially in Science and Maths, but the "bulge" of overall pass grades is slowly shifting upwards.  At the time of writing, we know that A' level results are just out - but no details yet.

 And sometimes it is good to make it into the national papers, as it really makes other schools and parents sit up and pay attention.