What do the Braishfield Beer Race & ServeDirect have in common?

Elspeth Dugdale | June 2, 2019

What do the Braishfield Beer Race & ServeDirect have in common?

The answer is not alcoholic at all, but rather more reflective. The annual Beer Race in Braishfield (officially listed as ‘a charming 5 miler run along quiet country lanes’) is of course THE sporting event of the year. In order to pass the time plus not get too hot and bothered during the ‘race’ itself, I spent the time thinking about the similarities between Serve Direct's 'modus operandi' and running a race…..

1. Start slow, move at your own pace and stay steady

SD: Ignore suggestions to move faster, expand more widely and become a bigger NGO. Don't take on someone else's good idea just because they think it's similar. Stick to your remit.

2. Don’t be put off by others moving more quickly…. they may struggle or trip up later anyway.

SD: Other people's progress and apparent success can be distracting. But 'things' aren't always quite as amazing as they may seem. 

3. Supporters, encouragers, spectators, water/Haribo providers & race marshalls are wonderful beings!

SD:Words of encouragement and practical support continue to amaze, help and inspire us.

4. It’s OK to walk up hills as it gets hotter, but also good to start running again, when you catch your breath.

SD:Cultural and practical challenges are certainly tiring and sometimes draining, but they don’t last.

5. Keep an eye on your own time, but don’t obsess about it.

SD: Keep perspective. Things can take longer than you think. It doesn't matter that much.

6. Just keep moving forward .. you’ll reach the finish. It's so good to cross the finish line.

SD:  SD has a longterm partnership with Director Charles, with WTA and the other projects. We are not looking for a 'quick fix', to solve problems or for instant answers. We're getting there............                              

In the words of another School Director (at Kampala International School), on tackling academic challenges, ‘Remember it’s a Marathon not a sprint!’. Happily only a 5 mile run today, not 26.2 miles, but nonetheless still full of lessons and illustrations.


Race with benefits......