Welkom in Lukomera

Elspeth Dugdale | February 4, 2017

Welkom in Lukomera
Johannes & Gé Holwerda

Writing a comprehensive job description for the role of Project Guardians for ServeDirect, based at WTA is a challenge. So after August, finding replacements for Stan & Sue Rothwell felt pretty daunting. However, out of the blue, we received an email and application from Johannes and Gé Holwerda.... 



Then there followed a series of emails, a lunch-meeting in Holland, and a week's visit to WTA in November - which even included coffee with Phil in Kampala. Johannes and Gé's visit also coincided with the November team trip, which was a perfect but chaotic introduction to how busy it can get. Happily, they have decided to join ServeDirect and take up the mantle of Project Guardians, starting in late April. 

Johannes and Gé are from Holland and are the parents of good friends of ours (Dugdales and Balls) from Kampala church days (Yme and Fokla Holwerda). They visited Uganda in 2012 and felt a great affinity for the country even then - always a good sign!  Johannes is a retired police officer and Gé is a retired primary school teacher, great qualifications in themselves. We lost Gé on her very first visit to a local primary school - she disappeared into the first classroom we walked past - much to the delight of the small people inside! And here she is getting to know some secondary students during the end of term programme.....


But in addition to that, for over 20 years they have been involved in a charity/programme in the Dominican Republic specialising in building and water installation projects (click on manoamono for more details) - so all in all we think they are super qualified to support WTA, The Bridge and The Rock - and perhaps get involved in opening another couple of Bridges too?!.

Charles, the staff and students all gave Johannes and Gé their full approval. Amusingly, some of the S6 students decided that they are easier to understand, as they speak better English than we do - and they also speak more slowly!  During the week they visited WTA, they both got stuck into work from day one, with the drinking water filter and helping at The Bridge. We have no doubt they will soon settle in and find plenty to do while they are here......you are both very welcome indeed!