Wanted.... Needed.... please!

Elspeth Dugdale | March 5, 2017

Wanted.... Needed.... please!
Yes please!

" Is there anything we can collect? " - is a common and welcome question. These days we prioritise taking resources that we can't easily buy in Uganda, as it makes more sense to raise funds and support local businesses by buying appropriate textbooks and supplies from there.

But, having said all that, here are a few ideas for resources that we ARE collecting and that we DO need in the near future: 


For The next Bridge Primary Resource Centre:  (planned for later this year).                                                         

The following are all brilliant and essential for developing coordination, fine motor skills, strategic thinking and encouraging  future creators and engineers)


Lego /Duplo/Playmobil - partial sets/loose bricks are all very welcome


Children's Puzzles ('Lift Out' and Basic Puzzles up to 24-30 pieces) - only COMPLETE sets please! 

For the current Bridge based at WTA: 

Primary/Youth Netball Skirts & Bibs and Primary/Youth Football Kits.   


Partial sets/ good quality second hand are fine! In late April,The Bridge is holding a sports day for all the schools involved with the centre - so please contact us asap if you have these available