Visitors and Visitation Day..

Elspeth Dugdale | July 3, 2015

Visitors and Visitation Day..
Happy Reunion - Prossy's Mum comes to visit
News from WTA by Sue and Stan Rothwell, Project Guardians..
It is so true that visitors to the projects, however short their time here is, do make such a lasting impression. Everyone here is so delighted that people care enough to come and spend time with them and whatever they do is really appreciated.
In early June, Will Rothwell and Amanda Reeves visited Wobulenzi - Will's second visit and Amanda's first visit. They took part in science teaching, sport at the school and in the community, spent ages just chatting to and encouraging students, helped with Activate ( re-enacting the little known parable of Zacchaeus and the firefighter!), were great in library lessons, helped at The Bridge with the little ones, Amanda took bloods at The Rock, they ate platefuls of posho and beans and were generally great to have around and very busy.  At the end of their visit, they fitted in some chill-out and safari time plus a trip on the Nile.
Sunday was Visitation Day at WTA, when parents can visit their children. For some it is not possible due to cost and the great distance,but that doesn't stop the students of those parents from enjoying the day and celebrating with their friends whose parents can come. There were more parents than ever here this time, and we heard from many of them who wanted to praise the school for 'being different'. One man we spoke to has three children here, with more 'on the way' and he said he is delighted that his children are being well educated, are safe and are very happy – what a lovely endorsement for Charles and his staff. A great day of joy to be a part of.
Of course, as well as the school The Rock must take some credit for the well-being of the student's health, and The Bridge for boosting their education before they go to senior school.