Uganda in 2015?

Jerry Dugdale | January 4, 2015

Uganda in 2015?
New Life Church - short term team trip photo December 2014

We are very thankful for our many supporters and volunteers - you help to keep us going one way or another. You also make a big impact - it is amazing how we still get asked by students about volunteers from years ago! Volunteering can be very rewarding for both the giver and receiver, and we have some openings this year.....whether you come as part of a short term team or for longer as an individual, you will be made very welcome. Interested? Drop us an email to

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For individuals coming for a longer time (normally 3 months - the equivalent of a school term) we need the following: Secondary teaching in Science, Maths or English at WTA; Primary teachers to do their stuff in The Bridge and; Medical volunteers for The Rock.  Accommodation and help is available on site and so arrangements are relatively easy...

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Short term teams (normally 2 weeks) tend to come at the end of each term to run extra curricular programmes, do some maintenance or building etc - but we also welcome medical based teams at all times of the year for specific tasks - eye tests, dentistry, nutrition etc.

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During 2014 we had a good variety of people and skills - your efforts made a real difference - Webale nyo (a big THANK YOU in Luganda). Contact us for more information and dates

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For a taster of our most recent team trip click on this youtube link to watch their short film