Term One....some new developments..

Elspeth Dugdale | April 30, 2016

Term One....some new developments..
Lunchtime - a reason to smile!

WTA   School numbers have increased steadily .... and now the school is completely full, having reached its limit of 600. However, teaching the occasional group of 140 and even 160, on occasions, this term became 'somewhat tiring'.. as they say. But the new classrooms will mean that all S1-S4 classes can be divided into two groups of 65 - much easier to teach and manage, plus that will ensure a much better quality of teaching. Exciting times. 

The importance of the library has been a big campaign this term, to encourage reading for pleasure and learning to do research . When reading culture does not exist at an early age, library lessons are also a vital part of the timetable to build up good reading habits. There is a new Library Assistant, former student Banya Simon Peter (2012). His role is to support remedial English by teaching small groups, run a Reading Club and help Study Groups.



Thanks to gifts left by recent visitors, WTA now has a Games Cupboard for Uno, Jenga, Puzzles, Scrabble, Chess etc - 'Board' not Bored! It is great to walk around on a hot Saturday or yet another public holiday and watch students being so totally absorbed in doing something fun!


Sports has continued to develop with Teacher Jackson (another former student) from The Bridge also working as Sports Coach. Football and Basketball teams have played really well both in leagues and friendly matches, and have qualified to regional and national level.



















The Bridge
The Bridge has continued to make a great impact on the Lukomera community - which has led to a greater number of students wanting to register as day scholars at WTA. They host regular interschool quizzes and formal debates and even a Bridge primary football tournament - all teams beautifully kitted out thanks to recent team donations.

We spent time looking at two new sites to locate two more Bridges - one is near Luwero and one near Gulu - and we have been given provisional permission to proceed with both. More news next month, hopefully.

Teacher Esther has joined as Librarian and Early Years Assistant - she is also a former WTA student. She started as a holiday club helper and is settling in as a fulltime member of staff - she is fantastic at action songs and storytelling! 



The Rock
The Rock continues to provide vital medical care and support for the community, in particular antenatal/ postnatal care and safe provision for delivery. Manager Annet has observed that many local women continue live in dire poverty and are without income or support, therefore unable to provide basic needs for babies and children. Most recently, Annet set up a Craft Cooperative Group for 20 women called the 'Trustworthy Project', with a startup loan for raw materials. They will meet together on Sunday afternoons to learn new skills and to work as a team to become financially independent. At the same time, they will also be learning about child nutrition and childcare. Some 'crafty' S4 students will also be joining the group to share their skills. An creative new initiative!