Term 2 starts at Wobulenzi Town Academy

Jerry Dugdale | June 1, 2014

Term 2 starts at Wobulenzi Town Academy
Spring cleaning the dormitory for the start of term

Students started back for term 2 on Monday 19th May. When they returned, the first duty is to clean up the site for a fresh start - there are no cleaning staff to do this for them. Lots of luggage checking and then smiles as they greet each other after the holiday. The term started well with more new students reporting for the first time.


083.jpg 082.jpg 

Here are some pictures taken of the first arrivals back as well as some young pretenders sneaking in to The Bridge; and finally some serious head scratching by Director of Studies and his Assistant as they try and work out the timetable for the term. Not an easy task, as for the first time, the school has split a couple of year groups in a drive to improve results...another excellent step forward.

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The_Bridge_visitors.jpg timetable_prep.jpg