Team White Rose - November 2015

Elspeth Dugdale | December 7, 2015

Team White Rose - November 2015
Team White Rose - from Yorkshire, Cheltenham and Romsey

The White Rose Team has just returned after a 2 week trip to WTA, during which they led through an energetic programme, packed with extraordinary activities and creative session, designed to inspire and occupy the secondary students. Deliberately set at the end of term and end of the academic year, the team worked with WTA students in the morning and at The Bridge with Deborah and her team. Afternoons were taken up with an interhouse sports programme, organised by the school. Although there have been many end of term programmes over the year with a real variety of activities and skill sessions offered, the White Rose team brought an originality and innovation into their planning that no one else had thought of before..... the pictures say it all....



Melodie Walter looking hungry and enthusiastic for the posho and beans lunch. Simon Bramwell and Melodie are also modelling this year's ServeDirect team shirts.




Val Bunker and Fliss Blunt led through a series of art and craft activities. Basing much of their preparation on the success of their visit in 2012, they came with bags packed full of materials and resources for their activities. There was a brief moment of crisis, when one bag went astray on the outward bound flight, but fortunately it only contained all of Fliss' personal possessions and clothes  (!)- so she forged ahead with the work anyway.. and the bag arrived a few days later on the next flight.



Ian (Puffett) also has many amazing hidden talents, one of which is knot tying. Boy scouting provides some great skill sets, which translate very well into a Ugandan context - looks like deep concentration for both in this photo.




Anne-Marie (Hutton) was the visiting lawyer on this trip. Students are always interested by those who have a legal background and often have many questions. So 'who wants to be a judge?'. Future legal teams in the making at WTA, we hope. 





Story time is always popular. Val and Fliss were at the opening of The Bridge in 2012, so it has been good to hear their perspective on developments over the last 3 years. 



Probably not another legal session with Anne-Marie at The Bridge - but who knows? Here she is sharing her reading skills to discuss that very lazy ladybird... no doubt some good life lessons in there as well!  



Learning, building, shapes, colours, sizes and patterns - thank you to whoever donated this brilliant box of bricks; it is always very popular. 



Ian came specifically to run some teacher training sessions for The Bridge, both for Deborah and the staff and for the teachers whose classes attend every week. With great energy and enthusiasm, he showed them how to use their own creative skills to bring lessons to life and how to develop ways of checking the children's learning without having to resort to written exams each time.  Invaluable.




Simon ran some science lessons to specifically support the students taking A' level science subjects at WTA. Showing them examples of science in daily life and practical applications, he was able to bring new dimensions to their learning, and beyond the limitations of the curriculum. 




Problem solving together...... bridge building 



Chatting with Charles and Okiror Patrick 




Project Guardians Sue and Stan who host the teams and organise the background planning at WTA in advance of the trip. This time they had to factor in the Pope's visit (not to WTA but to Uganda), which caused the end of term to change at the last minute, a lack of bottled water in the area (due to local electioneering campaigns) and a change in teachers' availability to help... always a challenge!



Dancing... Ugandan style and some Country Dancing/Barn Dancing led by Ian. 


Regardless of the activities, one of the most significant aspects of the team trips is spending time with the students, hearing their stories and sharing life.  So whether students are nailpainting and making hair accessories (with Melodie), learning about justice (with Anne-Marie), expanding their knowledge of practical Physics and Engineering (with Simon), speaking French, improving English conversation, learning how to knit (Val and Fliss) or taking part in a mass country dancing session under the stars, they learn, they engage and they change. Our thanks and appreciation to everyone in this great team for all their time and commitment.



School spectators for the interhouse tournaments. Great fun and a real treat after a term full of revision and exams. 


A first in the history of WTA. Charles organised an end of term "bull roast" to celebrate the end of term. Not for the faint-hearted or the non-meat eaters, as the bull roast was prepared on site ..from the demise of the bull to skewer. No food miles involved as the bull came from Lukomera.  But in a country, where any meat is a real treat and a luxury for special occasions only, it was greatly appreciated and something that the students will talk about to their families when they get home - so also a form of school advertising and publicity, particularly in the northern areas of Uganda.