Team Talking..

Elspeth Dugdale | May 10, 2018

Team Talking..
Chase Team #1

When a team returns from Uganda ..... it is always so good to meet up and hear their reflections and experiences. Over the last few weeks, we have been able to catch up with members of Yorkshire Friends and most recently with the Hampshire based Chase Team. 



The most observant among you will have noticed a shift in the focus and timings of team visits. Following discussions with WTA, the teams work with students earlier in the year and then, at other times of the year, will focus on teacher training, Connect Centres and community work. The third term remains very much the 'exam' term in secondary education and this needs to be the main academic focus for both students and staff. Already, there is a second Chase Team is making plans for the autumn and they will work specifically with the Connect Centres and on another primary girls' outreach programme, working alongside 'Days for Girls'.


Chase Team #1 put together a unique programme for the WTA students, working with a different year group each day at a time. This was extremely well received and 'worked' for both students and teachers. They created an innovative combination of secondary teaching, presentations, art workshops, reading, football, design, singing, worship, craft and debate - all within 6 days!


In addition to this, they ran sessions for the secondary girls - based on the 'Days for Girls' materials (thank you Jenny!), made community visits and Vicky delivered 'teacher encouragement training' for the Connect team. Very impressively they made time to give Connect Lukomera a wonderful makeover - to keep it in step with Connect Gulu. Our thanks to Tizz, (team leader extraordinaire!), Julie, Mikey, Jenny, Vicky, Ed, Jess, Bekah, Tim and Amy for all the hard work, enthusiasm, energy and commitment. 


In the words of Bekah and Jess - on returning to WTA for the second time..........

Bekah Tizzard: Going back to WTA was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Seeing faces we recognised and also meeting new people made me really feel like we were going back to a second home! I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity again to spend with such welcoming, loving and friendly people! I think about WTA every day, praying for everyone we met and planning our next trip!!

Jess Tizzard: Going back to Uganda was so incredible, after the first trip I felt so blessed that I got the opportunity to go and so to go back was just amazing. Going there again really meant a lot to me because I was able to see the friends I made last time and catch up. It really was like seeing old friends after being apart from each other for a long time. I really missed all of them and so I was so happy to see them again. Because we went back it felt so much more personal with them all as we had all made the choice to return just to see them again. We also went out into the community again which was always entertaining, especially with all of the little children dancing and singing. I truly had the best time and seriously want to return for a third time because I have fallen in love with everything about the school and country.