Team building with the Teachers

Elspeth Dugdale | March 24, 2014

Team building with the Teachers
Staff Team Photo

WTA teachers met together last Saturday for a day's teacher training. It was a rare and invaluable opportunity to take time out of the hectic timetable, to discuss and plan as a whole team..

We took the unusual step of calling the teachers together on a Saturday, so that most people would be free. Given the number of new teachers joining the staff this year, it was vital to take time for this. Also, teacher training is quite difficult and expensive to access for many teachers in Uganda, so it was good to be able to offer some 'in-house' training, tailormade for WTA.


Team-building and making team decisions was a key part of the morning - including building a pasta and marshmallow tower..! Stan and Sue spoke about on the subject of Aims and Visions. The staff took over the library in the afternoon,  in order to look at new resources and textbooks together, and to think of ideas how to use them more effectively. In keeping with good training days anywhere, it was punctuated with tea, snacks, a great lunch - not forgetting the English afternoon tea and cake!


A really profitable and enjoyable day - according to all the positive feedback. And... if anything, it really highlighted the need for more of the same.

Since 2008, the school has grown from owning only one textbook per subject (10 in total) to ever increasing sets of books and resources.  Guiding the teachers and students to use them efficiently and effectively is the next challenge ahead.