Talking to the experts

Elspeth Dugdale | May 3, 2021

Talking to the experts
So glad to be back

"I was so worried, because my guardians were unemployed during the whole time of lockdown. I was also very far away from my parents. I thought it just wasn't possible for them to pay my school fees and registration. Coming back to WTA has meant a lot to me, I am so happy! I am taking my A' levels very soon and hoping to study Statistics in the future."


During 2020, many students from rural backgrounds assumed that, due to Covid, they would never be able to return to WTA or that they would be stuck at home much longer, while parents tried to find enough cash to pay the school fees.

Because of the specific support of 'Bring Them Back', the students have been able to return quickly, with the fees being set at a discounted rate for 2021. We asked some returning students to explain what life had been like - and asked them about their hopes and fears.


About Lockdown:

  • So much domestic and labouring work to do – bricklaying, digging to raise money for survival. Farming was too seasonal and the harvest uncertain
  • Challenge of no time to study – too much manual work and, at the end of the day, such exhaustion
  • Many worries about going back to school. Everything has been so uncertain
  • I was afraid that school was done; I was just sitting at home, then I got the opportunity to work in a garage – I think I learned a lot, but I really wanted to be in school
  • I lost hope, when I heard the rumour that only the exam classes could go back to school and therefore I couldn't.
  • I was afraid that school was done & finished for me
  • Lockdown was so boring and full of poverty. Many people lost loved ones.
  • I couldn't get help to study as there was no money for extra teaching
  • I had to work hard to support my mum as she works hard to pay for my school fees
  • I longed to go back to school

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On returning to WTA:

  • Coming back to school means a bright future. It's all about getting ideas – how to make money, to create  self employment, to develop income generating activities
  • When I heard that the semi-candidate classes were resuming, I was so happy and delighted.
  • Coming back to school really means a lot to me; I do pray that those who have not come back will return soon.
  • Coming back to school means so much to me, as I have learnt a lot from WTA and I was so happy.
  • In the future I would love to train to be a surgeon or or get a job in technology
  • In the future I am hoping to train to be a Journalist or work in Fashion Design
  • I really thank God that it was possible to start school again, and that the Headteacher called my parents and told them to bring me back - even though they had so little money to send me
  • In all the schools I have ever been, WTA is the best!