So What's New?

Elspeth Dugdale | February 4, 2017

So What's New?

New School Year, New First Term, some New Staff, New S1s about to start, and New S5s in a few week's time plus a New Computer Room, a New Art Room, some smart New Signs.. and of course some New Teacher Training..... phew...... there is a lot going on....


"Be The Teacher You Needed When You Were at School" was the overall theme for the Staff Training, which provoked some great discussions. Senior teachers led through the various sessions during the day and it was good to see everyone meeting up again for the first time since early December. Even getting together as a whole WTA staff is fairly rare, (and therefore greatly appreciated) as there are so many part-time teachers who work in several different schools - which is very common in Uganda. 


The day included some fun activities as background to the discussions..."start as you mean to go on", "nip it in the bud" about dealing with challenges, and " learning to think outside the box". The final session, "think about the bigger picture", was a great excuse for doing jigsaw puzzles at lunchtime - you can't complete the whole picture just with your own puzzle piece.


For Charles and the staff, it can be stressful waiting to see if enough pupils come back at the start of term. Finding and enticing students is a very competitive business in Uganda, as most schools are very clearly set up and run for profit. Charles has been personally travelling to the north,  meeting and talking to parents for weeks already. So WTA has a delicate balance of remaining true to its remit of providing education to some of the most needy, whilst still offering a good service at affordable rates - and balancing the books.


The start of the new school year is always significant and 2017 is no less strategic - do remember WTA this week in your thoughts, good wishes and prayers. Thank you...