A resilient story

Jerry Dugdale | April 4, 2016

A resilient story

A story of true resilience that inspires us in our help and support to Wobulenzi Town Academy - it is written in Denis's own words (with just some small editing). He is one of many that the school has taken under it's wing....




When our father passed away last August from cancer, he wrote a will telling his last born (younger brother) to take care of the family assisted by our beloved Mama - our life was in a better way.

On 4th March 2016 we heard that our Mama and her sister was drowned when a strong storm (over turned the boat they were in) blew them in to the water. 4 people drowned with only 1 survivor. Our Mum was bringing my school fees to Apac (our home). (Denis had been waiting for his mum so he could return to school).

When they buried my Mama, our relatives asked the brother to take of the family and he said no. We decided that we can stay (in this life) even though he refused. Nothing in this world can defeat God and with God everything is possible. I can still keep on studying as we put God first. We are praying for our relatives to be in a peaceful way - and God will care for us to the end of our studying at school and after.

Denis is safely back at school and will take O levels later this year. He recently took part in a Football tournament for the school which has seen them qualify to the next stage. True resilience.