New computers at WTA

Jerry Dugdale | July 3, 2017

New computers at WTA
Bob, the computer technician

Wobulenzi Town Academy now has one of the largest and best equipped computer labs in the whole district. The original computer lab moved into a larger room earlier in the year and has now gone from 24 to 51 workstations. Wall fans help keep the lab cool as it gets constant use - including evening and weekend sessions for students to learn via internet research.


Local technician Bob deserves a special mention as he managed to solve the issue of how to do this expansion on the meagre budget that we had available. Thanks also to Alan Robinson in Romsey, for all his efforts and advice. Secondhand machines were sourced and then modified to allow an energy saving networking system throughout.

51_workstations_web.JPG Computer_lesson_web.JPG

Birds eye view of the new lab - and a lesson going on. Good computer skills are a real benefit when applying for jobs.

Arnold_helping_out_web.JPG Happy_students_web.JPG

Happy students - a great learning opportunity and improvement for the school.