New Beginnings

Elspeth Dugdale | February 3, 2018

New Beginnings
Senior Teachers

The new school year on Monday 5th February at 0730. Head Master Benard has appointed 9 new teachers and now has a total academic staff of 36 teachers. Strong words of encouragement and inspiration at the pre-term Staff Meeting led by HM Benard and Deputy HM, Benon............




  • We have a big challenge - to change our image on academic results.
  • Let's go the extra mile - the teacher's contribution is 70% of learning success.
  • Let us look at our teaching methods and let us exploit the resources that we already have.
  • Be efficient, exemplary, hardworking and indispensable! 




  • Even if you didn't intend to go into teaching, love your job, don't follow the crowd - you are you!
  • Be defendable - behave with complete integrity, be reliable; show the students that the world outside is also their learning environment and that the classroom is not their whole world.



  • Change in school starts with you. To quote Michael Jackson, 'if you want to make the world WTA a better place, take a look at yourself and make a.... change'
  • And, on a slightly different note, to quote Nelson Mandela, "if you cannot change when circumstances demand it, how can you expect others to?"  WTA is preparing young people to live and work in a constantly developing and changing Ugandan world. Let us be prepared to welcome change and bring change.


 We wish Charles and his team every success for the new school year!