Meeting Melissa

Elspeth Dugdale | December 4, 2017

Meeting Melissa
Melissa - with a literary friend!

So who is Melissa, this new Project Guardian at the Connect Centre in Gulu? Here is a light-hearted introduction....

So Melissa, where do you come from? And where do you live now?

Earth, I've been here my whole life. (Ed. Allegedly, Melissa has family in the US but lives mostly in Gulu)

How long have you been working in Uganda?

5 years


What do you like about living in Uganda? And what drives you mad?!

I love the people, the exciting potential of improving education, and the adventure of life. I cannot stand the acceptance of deception or the depth of corruption.


Who else lives in your house? 

I share my home with my canine children, a cat, and various species of house-guests. 

What appeals to you about working at the Connect Centre (or what appealed to you about The Bridge) that is different from working in a school?

The first time I saw the Bridge, I was overwhelmed with joy at the number of children coming to have access to books! It was beautiful. I love empowering children through literacy and affecting change through educational practice. 

What exactly will you be doing at the Connect Centre? Or what does your role involve? Or What are you looking forward to most?

I will be working along school heads to help problem solve the academic challenges schools face through innovative locally sourced learning aids. I will help to oversee the programs and train teachers different methods of reaching their students

What do you miss about living in the US?

Free access to mountains and outdoor space, anonymity, cheese, spinach, my family, and berries. 

How will you cope working with Brits?  

It's not so bad really. It just takes a bit of gin and the occasional mental PG-rated reenactment of the American revolutionary war.

Is an ability to eat Marmite a deal-breaker to get the job?  marmite.jpg

I couldn't tell you. I do enjoy some Marmite on toast. I assume it has helped elevate my status and make up for my inferior American wit. (Ed. Time alone will tell......)


Thanks Melissa for telling us a bit more about yourself!