Lots of New Kids on the Block

Elspeth Dugdale | February 16, 2020

Lots of New Kids on the Block
New uniforms - looking good!

Not only is it a brand new term and a new school year, but there has been an unprecedented number of Senior 1 students registering and starting at WTA. There are already 131 registered and 109 have arrived and settled in. 60 of the new S1s are day scholars – this is a significant increase on previous years and shows that WTA's good local reputation and the work of the CEC are bearing fruit.


Many of this S1 group benefited from attending the Connect Education Centre with their previous primary schools or during the various school holidays. They are already familiar with coming to WTA and have arrived for the start of term, rearing to go.


In previous years, this first term has been a potentially stressful time for WTA, as all local schools compete and try to outdo each other with marketing offers – some turn out to be less genuine than others. Senior staff can literally spend weeks of the holidays, trying to recruit potential students from all over Uganda. Furthermore, some of the recruiting techniques of rival schools have involved fairly unscrupulous methods and negative comments about WTA, so perhaps the tide is finally turning in 2020.

This year literally already looks and feels very different as S1 are the first year group to be offered the new uniform style of grey and cream. Older students are still wearing the dark blue/light blue uniforms but can make the change over the next few years, if they choose to. All in all, looking good.