Jjaja Jean tells her own "Jelly in July" Story

Elspeth Dugdale | October 3, 2016

Jjaja Jean tells her own
Jean checking out the WTA kitchen

Jean Coombs went out to Uganda this summer with a team from Hampshire. Before going, she had said she was interested in 'cooking, games, crafts, dancing, reading to the children & wherever the need is' .  On her return,  she sent us the following thoughts and her account of sharing her skills with the students in the activity programme......... 

" On meeting the students at WTA I was so impressed with how conscientious and how hard they work -  they deserve to do well & they really appreciated everything we did & shared with them. 

I had packed my suitcase with 20,000 Loom Bands (they make colourful bracelets) and Hama Beads, which all seemed to be very popular and were enjoyed.  I also wanted to give the students a taste of a trifle so I have to say a lot of my luggage weight was taken up with jelly cubes.  With the amazing help of Sue & Stan (Project Guardians) & others in the team we managed to make jellies in the evening which were enjoyed the next day in a trifle case on top of some fruit  - [as seen in this photo!]


I had recently joined a 'Line Dancing' class at home and was keen to demonstrate some of the dances to the student. I did wonder what their reactions would be.  On the Saturday evening after we arrived we had a crazy but fun evening, under the stars, with music and laughter. They particular enjoyed the Macarena and the Hokey Cokey! The daily worship and teaching sessions with Tizz and the worship group were very special, the singing from the students still echoes in my heart. 

[Jean - on the left - taking part in a drama in the main hall]

I must admit at the very beginning I had my doubts & fears of going on the team trip & wondered what I could bring to them.  I think we all felt very much out of our comfort zone & thank God for bringing us together & keeping us all safe & well.  I really enjoyed being part of the team & would like to say a special thank you for all the care & support. ServeDirect is making such a difference in the lives of these young people through sharing God's love & care."

Note - Jean acquired the nickname 'Jjaja' meaning Grandma - no doubt due to her wisdom, dignity and seniority! And the jelly (called 'standing water' - see last month's article) was, of course, a real hit with everyone. 

Other testimonials from this action packed team will appear shortly on the Testimonials page.