Gulu building update

Jerry Dugdale | August 6, 2017

Gulu building update
Roof on!

Dan, Moses and the team have been making great progress with the building of the new Bridge Resource Centre. Work only started at the site in May so to get the roof on this quickly is no mean feat! Over 58,000 bricks laid, more than 600 bags of cement used (or 1200 bags in our smaller UK 25kgs size), 1200 lengths of timber and 50+ lorry loads of sand have been laid, mixed and sawn to date.

Here are a few pictures to give an idea of the building work over the past month.

August_update_3.jpg August_update_4.jpg

Windows and doors put in - and the roofing timber work takes shape.

August_update_5.jpg August_update_2.jpg

A verandah to sit on and plastering starts.

August_update_7.jpg August_update_6.jpg

Classrooms take shape - and floors being cast.

Thank you for your interest, support and help to date - this project will make a huge difference to many children.