Greetings, Happy Christmas, Thank You So Much, Well Done - and, of course, Happy New Year!

Elspeth Dugdale | December 27, 2021

Greetings, Happy Christmas, Thank You So Much, Well Done - and, of course, Happy New Year!
Christmas Greetings!

Having spent most of December concocting short, snappy, creative videos every day for the SD Facebook/Instagram pages, it is definitely a relief to get back to typing words and full sentences. However it has been a very good discipline for us to convey each main message in less than one minute, and we hopefully improved as the days and weeks went by!


The 'in-between-Christmas/New-Year' period is the perfect time to take stock and seize the moment to say thank you and well done. For those who keep in touch with ServeDirect via the website news/emails, we are immensely grateful to very many friends who donated towards the 'Advent Alternative Gift ideas' that we wrote about in the last articles.

During December we spoke about: (take a deep breath), books, uniforms, IT support, Sunday lunches, educating girls, supporting the vulnerable returning to school, supporting new mums, babies and young children at The Rock, continuing the fight against malaria, sports equipment, planting trees, supporting music and drama, building maintenance with drainage, mattresses, moving students on, solar power, transport, firewood, teacher training via READ for Life, Covid compliance & jigsaw puzzles. Over the course of the next year, these are all areas that ServeDirect will be supporting either directly or in partnership with our colleagues at Wobulenzi Town Academy. 

Our way of working is to consult and ask advice from those 'on the ground' that we work with at WTA, Connect Centres and at The Rock to find out from them what is needed. Occasionally we make suggestions, which may be accepted or politely refused; of course we appreciate this honesty and clarity very much.

Thank you to everyone who donated in the run up to Christmas. There is still time if you would like to contribute, but we will continue to support WTA and the other projects as educational life (hopefully) returns to normal in early January. It will definitely be a very challenging season both for the school itself and for the pupils as they return to lessons after a two year break. But it will certainly be an exciting step to welcome students back to school and help them to catch up on all that they have missed. 

We hope you had a very Happy Christmas and wish you a peaceful and hopeful New Year, may we have great optimism for a better way forward for us all in 2022. Thank you again and please do stay in touch with us over the coming months. 

We are putting all the video advent calendar together for those who want to see some again - link will be in the next news article.....



* We have no intention to release the video outtakes, but could possibly reconsider in exchange for a modest donation or two ....? ;)