Green team trip?

Jerry Dugdale | May 5, 2019

Green team trip?
An example of the deforestation in Uganda

We all know that weather patterns are changing - and in some parts of the world these changes have a greater impact than elsewhere. In Uganda the changes are very obvious, real and harmful. The trees are literally disappearing before our eyes. The March rains did not come appear until the end of April. A food crisis is on its way. 


To make matters worse for the environment, the recent growth in the use of plastics is far too obvious to observe - as it is finding it's way everywhere. Where once there was beautiful forests, there is now cleared dry land with plastic ploughed in. Uganda used to be great with its use of recycled glass bottles - but not any more. A shiny 25m wide array of thrown away plastic bottles now lies besides both sides of the road all the way from Kampala to Gulu. 


Normally our team trips have a focus on more traditional education, health or building. This trip will be different. The effects of deforestation are plain to see around the local area of WTA. The school itself uses many truck loads of firewood each year for cooking. The huge rise in single use plastic is also very easy to see! Disposal of waste is a serious issue - there are no Council rubbish collections. Even the pit latrine toilets at the school have a serious issue as more and more plastic is thrown down the holes. It is time to help make a change.

The trip will be for 2 weeks at the end of November 2019. Costs are likely to be around the same as before (depending on flights) at around £1700 per person. So, why not join us, it could literally be groundbreaking....;).

Size will limited to between 12-14 places. It will be very different. Register your interest as soon as possible by emailing

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