Gathered here together...

Elspeth Dugdale | May 3, 2019

Gathered here together...
"Say beans!" You can't beat a good reunion selfie!

Sunday 7th April was the most extraordinary day. Old Students (commonly known as 'OBs and OGs') travelled from all over Uganda for the very first WTA School Reunion. Meeting students from 2008 can make you feel very old but also very privileged and simply amazed......


About 200 'old' students came for the day. Some had never seen the old site.We asked everyone to write the answers (never miss a chance for some extra homework..) the same three questions 'What have you been doing since you left?', 'What are your future plans' and 'What did you learn/take away from WTA'? Some indeed are becoming doctors/lawyers/teachers/engineers, but not all. Others are still in further education, running their own small businesses and in steady employment. Some are finding their way in the outside world. But they are all, in their own way, making it in the outside world. In their own words: 


Jackson - firstly in 2009 when in S4 and now in 2019 (middle), working at the Connect Centre

'The school helped me to become a hard working teacher - I will never forget my Geography teacher, Mr Dauda' 

'WTA helped me to develop skills of leadership. I was Head Girl in 2015  - my sincere gratitude for the hard work and support'

'I loved Activate and Language classes. In the future I want to promote my talent and help other people understand their rights. Thank you WTA for the foundation you laid in me.'

'I started playing basketball at WTA and cannot underestimate the support and help given to me in sport and academics. God willing I would like to come back and be a staff member to improve academic performance here' (a student currently representing Uganda in the Youth Basketball Team)


Innocent, still towering above the rest....

'Being at WTA reminds me that I joined when I had lost hope in any chance of further studying. They accepted me, helped me and made me who I am today. Big thanks to WTA.'

'The school helped me to pass Science and now I am a midwife' 

'I remember Mr Opio hearing me speak Luganda and reminding me to speak English. That helped me, as it is my ability to speak English that is feeding me now. But if you went to the school with a complaint, they would listen and try to improve. That showed me that you are never too young to be listened to if you have something valid to say' 

'My best memories of WTA are when we were at the old site. I loved the teachers who taught us and the ServeDirect teams who came to visit. I really miss Activate; the school helped me so much to believe in myself, to set goals and made me the teacher I am today.'


Asiya - in 2012 and now back as a teacher at WTA

'WTA helped me spiritually and academically'

'I am studying at a school of nursing in Kasese District. In the future I would like to open my own clinic. WTA helped me to be a good teacher, a good nurse and a God fearing person'

'Mostly I remember the old site. It was not easy but thank God for it and that we made it. I remember the amazing opening ceremony in 2011. WTA helped me to be a leader, to speak in public and to have courage, skills and knowledge - all of this has helped me in my course.' 

'WTA helped me to be self-motivated and independent in my learning, because there was no beating (caning) and so it helped us to become better people.'

'The school helped me to shape my future. I got enough points to get two A' level principal passes and get to university. It is so impressive what the school did for me.'

'WTA helped me to gain knowledge, and this has helped me to move on in life, serve my community, be a community leader, to help my family to grow and to know my God'


Moses - in 2008 and now as a community leader in 2019

'We started on the old Katikamu site and learned to be patient. With God everything is possible. We moved to a better location; WTA used to be small and now it's massive!'

'WTA laid good foundations in me, in sports, in academics, in faith, leadership and spiritual guidance.' 


Tom - then in 2009 and now in Pharmaceuticals

'I am studying to be an advocate - I became a strong leader, someone who believed in my school and I will go on to be someone better'


One of the most moving sights was as Charles got up to speak to the assembled Old Student group, many of them leapt to their feet to dance around him as a mark or welcome and respect. 


You can just about see him in the middle of the throng! 

What better legacy for Charles, Patrick, Benard and the team - to know that WTA is producing students who will go on in life to play a part in the future of Uganda.




And what about future reunions? The students formed a committee and intend to plan an even bigger reunion in 2020 - this is going to gather a momentum of its own!