Gap Year Students - WTA style

Elspeth Dugdale | March 5, 2017

Gap Year Students - WTA style
Arnold, Moses & Emmanuel

Just after the WTA teacher training day at the beginning of term, we had the opportunity to 'think outside the box' with Charles on one particular issue - with a creative and innovative solution ......

Charles has taken on three of last year's S6 most promising students to work at WTA for this year: Ejuku Emmanuel, Engola Arnold and Muhanguzi Moses all have their sights set on university in the future, but will be working as a Learning Support Team in 2017. As veteran WTA boys - all three joined the school in S1 - they will be great role-models for the current students.

Their focus is to develop small study groups, improve library use and the students' reading culture - especially with S4 as the 'candidate class'. The three will also help with science practicals, group discussions and evening study according to their own areas of interest. In addition, they will be extra support for extra curricular activities and at weekends. One area that students often struggle with is in good exam preparation and the opportunity to study in small groups. 

Despite having to make the tricky adjustment from senior students to assistant teachers in such a short time, Arnold, Emma and Moses have settled in well and are already making a difference to attitudes to learning - students are already keen to join in with the extra study groups - except one 'small' study group for Maths turned out to have over 50 in the class! 


Teamwork - mastering the art of breaktime tea - in the library

Of course, the other advantage is the chance for them to earn a small salary to help start saving for university fees, plus they will be given leadership training and mentoring throughout the year. And no doubt they will be on hand to assist with the team visits in the summer and autumn - we are all looking forward to seeing them in action!