This is Gabriel.......

Elspeth Dugdale | August 4, 2019

This is Gabriel.......
Gabriel in 2011: front right of the photo

This is Gabriel. Ocan Gabriel. Former WTA student from northern Uganda. Beneficiary of a WTA bursary. Top performing student of the pioneer O’ level class in 2012. Currently taking a further level of qualification to be a Laboratory Assistant at the Laboratory Training School in Jinja.



Earlier this year we called into visit Gabriel at the training school in Jinja. From time to time, he keeps in touch by SMS, so it is always great to see him and find out how he’s doing.

While at school he famously wrote an article: ‘Gabriel’s Top 10 Tips for Academic Success’ to advise UK and Ugandan students how to pass exams well – his most memorable tip was to get up at 4am every day to revise.....


Gabriel very proud of his new '4 points' band - a replacement for his original one

With ServeDirect, Gabriel made a particular impact on the subject of food. When asked by an SD friend in 2011 about his impression of school life, his one ‘negative’ point was that the diet was 'somewhat boring': porridge or posho 3 times a day, 7 days a week for 12 weeks. Those same good friends paid attention to this, and from then they committed to sending funds for the ‘special Sunday lunch’ which still exists – a combination of meat, vegetables, matooke, rice and fruit. This is still hugely appreciated by staff and students and remains an unofficial selling point of the school!


Gabriel’s aim in the future is to continue his studies, get further qualifications, get married and open his own medical laboratory. In many ways he is the epitome of the type of student that WTA seeks to support and train for the future.