Forward Thinking?

Elspeth Dugdale | July 1, 2018

Forward Thinking?

Perhaps you are looking for a change of location, some adventure, a new challenge....? Was your 2018 New Year's Resolution to do something different? We are making plans for January 2019.....


ServeDirect is looking for new Project Guardians to live on site at WTA for a minimum of one year, starting in January 2019. It's an unusual role to describe in an advertisement, as it is both so flexible and varied - and we try to include the skills and interests of the individuals. Looking back, we know that our first four PGs (Sue and Stan, Johannes and Gé) in Lukomera were and have been ideally suited to the needs of the role for that time. As a starting point, here is an 'A to Z' of the type of skills/attributes that would be most useful. Please also pass it on to anyone you know that might suit the role. The other PGs have all been introduced to us by mutual friends. This is a rather lighthearted list of course - so if you are genuinely interested, please email for more information.

Is this you? Do you know someone like this? 

Adaptable, Adventurous

Bold and Broad-minded

Culturally Intelligent, Curious, Computer Literate

Determined, Diplomatic

Enthusiastic, Easy-going

Flexible, Friendly, Strong Faith

Good Sense of Humour, Generous

Hospitable, Hard-working

Innovative, Initiative Taking, Insect Tolerance

Joy – the ability to find joy in every day, even if it is sometimes hard to see..

Kind, Knowledge of Premier League Football also useful

Listening Skills (good ones), Likeable

Multitasking Skills (very useful)

Nile – unavoidable when travelling north – for driving over, whitewater rafting, swimming (occasionally)

Overseas Experience (helpful), Opportunity to use your own skills/talents

People Skills, Practical Skills, Prayerful, Persistent

Quick reflexes in the face of Kampala/Uganda driving!

Resilient, capable of living in a Remote, Rural setting

Servant- Hearted, Self- contained, Self-motivated

Trustworthy, Tough and Thoughtful – both are necessary

Understanding, Unassuming, Unselfish with time and skills

Visionary, but also sharing the Vision of WTA and ServeDirect and …. Volunteer

Willing, being able to ‘Wing it’ on occasions also a definite advantage

X-Factor (not the TV version).. bring your unique talents to the role!

Young People /Child Friendly -  a distinct advantage, Youthful attitude

Zebra and Wildlife loving – a definite plus!