Food, glorious food.. plus soap, oil, sugar, posho & beans

Elspeth Dugdale | August 18, 2021

Food, glorious food.. plus soap, oil, sugar, posho & beans
Pastor Moses delivering to the community

Aside from the education issue affecting 15.1 million students and their families, there are other groups in Uganda drastically affected by the ongoing lockdown and lack of income. This has prompted ServeDirect to restart the emergency food distributions to the poorest and most vulnerable in the local communities.


The following pictures certainly speak for themselves:

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Who is included in this? Usually, the widows, orphans, the very elderly, the critically ill, single mothers and those who are solely responsible for very many children. Such marginalised groups are often overlooked and harder to reach. Any government cash distributions tend to favour the urban poor. ServeDirect works closely with two local churches close to WTA, where Charles and Pastor Moses can easily identify those in genuine need. Monthly distributions take place as funds allow and until the situation becomes less critical.

For now, such practical help is vital and makes a real difference.

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Thanks to Pastor Moses and Charles for providing us with such enlightening photos