Cycling for a good read

Jerry Dugdale | July 4, 2019

Cycling for a good read
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Join with Dutch charity Handsnfeet, to fund as many mobile libraries for schools as possible - Handsnfeet have already raised more than 100% of their target! With your help we can make this fundraising a record - and provide more libraries for the schools we partner with. The more raised, the more children and schools will benefit. The fundraising cycle is on Saturday 6th July.

In summary - there is a major problem with a lack of books in the Primary and Nursery schools that we partner with via the Connect Education Centres. Read for Life have done, and are doing, a fantastic job in training the teachers to raise the literacy levels.....but here's the issue - with no story or picture books to read, the children find it hard to improve further. One problem starts to get solved only to uncover another.....

This project funds mobile libraries in schools that desperately need our help. Each library unit costs around £700 (which includes the secure mobile unit plus a load of books that will be rotated between the schools). READ for Life work in about 100 schools......not all of them are reliable enough yet for a library, but as you can imagine, there are plenty that would love to take part.

So please, join with us and the Dutch fundraising team to make this a project that will help change the lives of 10,000s of children. Click on the Virgin Money donate button at the top right of this page and use Handsnfeet as a reference.

Your money will go a long way. Every bit helps.

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      Jody from READ for Life teaching literacy                           You can't beat a good book!

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